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JIMI KALEJAIYE + ASSOCIATES provide excellent services in the management of properties of all types ranging from single family dwelling structures to vast residential estates and high-rise commercial building

Our management services cover securing worthy tenants, management of tenancies, rent collection, service charge administration, property maintenance, offers professional advises on property insurance, and facility management etc.


This department provides comprehensive services to intending investors in real estate. This include computer aided pre-investment analysis of a proposed investment including cash flow projections; professional advises on the desired type of development and project on the various financing options available and best terms suitable for the desired investment


Our agency department undertakes the sale, purchase, letting and leasing of residential, commercial and industrial properties and with their expertise and vast experience, ensures that the best terms are obtained for the client


JIMI KALEJAIYE + ASSOCIATES provides excellent services in the area of property auctioneering which may be through private treaty, auction or tendering. Our services cover notifying the public on the sale, assessing and advising client on title documents, confirming date and time of sales and announcing the date of selling price amongst others.


Our firm provides a wide range of valuation exercise especially on property valuation and plant and machinery valuation

The methods and techniques adopted at arriving at our valuation figures or report are of world class standards conforming to International Valuation standard Committee, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers.

We value for different purposes ranging from insurance, mortgage, compensation, rating, merger and acquisition amongst others